If not a job, then what?

IMG_0056aIt came to me finally this weekend. I have not been able to more completely describe my encore career to those who ask. While listening to a TED Talk, I realized that friends and colleagues want an answer about what I will be doing, as in what will my job be. But, I have seen on their faces a sort of confusion. They seem to be conveying a messsage that I must clearly not know what I will be doing, because I only say what I am interested in understanding. I want to know more about community and community development. To me that notion sounds daunting and the topic of endless work. To others, it seems that I am saying I will be useless, without a job.

But for me, the thought of not needing a job to support my work seems amazingly freeing. My encore career, my next work is not job bound.

This week, my posts will seek to explore that simple notion somewhat more.

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