Paddle like hell

X-Ray technicians
Yard conductors
Yard hostlers
Yard loader operators
Yeast makers
Yellow pages space salespersons
Yoga instructors
Yoga teachers
Youth program directors
Youth services librarians
Youth workers
Zoning engineers
Zoologists and wildlife biologists
Zoology professors

Gary rafting 4At the end of day, there is still work to be done. If our work is bigger than our jobs, if we have a destination point that does not get satisfied in a single day, our work will be there for us the next day, the same night, or in a month. I am often struck by my friend Natalie who devotes so much of her time and interest to the environment. It seems to me that she is either engaging with our environment in meaningful ways or talking about nature or talking about talking about nature. When she is more contemplative, I believe that she is thinking about talking about talking about nature. Her work will get done, but it will never be done, because her work is big enough.

Several words come to mind as I think about Natalie’s engagement in her environmental work: wide-eyed, wonder, enthusiastic, concerned, focused, persistent. I also notice that she looks like she is waiting to be asked. It is this last point, the attitude of expectancy that I find so fascinating.

I am left wondering how often I look wary, instead of expectant; cautious, instead of ready. I will bet that this attitude, this direction of open anticipation for what is next is not by chance. It is chosen. Natalie’s expression inspires me today. While I suppose community can be developed in grimness, I am not sure that would build one we’d want to preserve.

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