Another day of life

I just want to celebrate another day of living.
I just want to celebrate another day of life.
– Rare Earth, Peter Rivera

Ronnie and Jazzy and Kofi and Rudy and Carlos and Everett and Anthony and Anthony and Mark and Mark and Mark and Dan and David and Ray and Jeff and Todd and Gregory and Pete and Brian and Ed and Patrick and Tom and Will and Tim and Michael and John and Dewaine and Shawn and Sean and Paul and Gerald and Gerry and Jason and Josh and Joshua and Bronze and Jeffrey and Leonard and Chris and Marques and Steve and Jose and Julio and Jay and Louis and Broderick and Scott and Stewart and Stuart and Enoch and Erich and Ron and Robert and Warren and Dennis and Hector and Adam and Robert and Ricardo.

Seriously. What more is there to say or write? I am so proud of gay men.

If gay men never made another contribution to society, they would still be worthy of pride. No more dues. Nada.

Just proud.


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