It’s about time

Yesterday South Carolina State Senator Pinkney was buried and others murdered in Charleston were memorialized. Yesterday LGBT university presidents and chancelors cheered during the opening moments of their first conference to advance emerging leaders in higher education. Yesterday the US Supreme Court announced their decision about the constitutional protection of same sex couples to marry.

For many these events come too late. Senator Pinkney and his fellow congregants should have been praised earlier and more often. Emerging leaders passed over for promotion in higher education might have taken universities to new heights had they been advanced. Some LGBT people would certainly have married had their rights not been denied so long.

For others these events are unwanted. They want to continue to challenge the union of the United States. They whine about their fears of lost federal revenues should they be found unfair in their hiring and promotion practices in higher education. They want to hold on to their mistreatment and discrimination.

Still, some will look across the room or across the road or across some other divide and recognize in wonder their union.

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