Closing a door

The countdown to my encore launch has begun. At 5:00 PM Central Time July 31, 2015 I am closing the door on this chapter of my life as the President and CEO of Diverse and Resilient. The following Monday, I will be attending more specifically to my work in community development with projects in Milwaukee and Chicago.

I have been asked several times in the past couple of weeks, “Will you be taking some time for yourself?” “Will you be getting away?” While the answer to both is an enthusiastic “Yes!”, I actually feel no specific urge to hurry into too many decisions. Instead, I am going to spend a bit of time savoring what I have just completed. As part of that process of relishing my most recent accomplishments, I am posting clips from some lovely video footage of my farewell celebration taken created by Keith Knox.

This one is of Mayor Barrett. Our Mayor is among the best speakers I know for being relaxed in a variety of settings and for showing his genuine love and concern for our city and the people who make it.

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