To the dogs

I have been custodian to five dogs during my life. Custodian? Companion? Well, I cannot really say that we ever own a dog. They live with us. They count on us. We also live with, count on them. Over winter holidays I had the joy of hanging out with Dexter even more than usual. What a great little guy he as become! He reminded me of the benefits of the canine companions I have loved.

This post seeks to memorialize my little friends – Tuffie, Pepper, Buster, Effy, and Dexter – in a series of haiku.


Tire tracks didn’t help me
Understand he was dead – he
Followed when I tugged.

For thirty odd years
I assumed I was not safe
Enough for a dog.





Patient and mellow,
Even when we dressed him up,
Pepper died too soon.

Parents told me that
Even my best efforts were
Really not enough.



“Buddy Boy,” truly
Unusual for a Jack,
Seldom snapped his twig.

Times he spent getting
Every bit of fur in place
Reached new, epic heights.






Most saw her as Paul’s,
Yet she died, soft in my arms,
Early one morning.

Fiercely loyal and
Fun, she often entertained
You with agile tricks.




Dog, always ready,
Equally warm and guarded.
Xenophobic? Run!

Terrier with the
Energy of ten, quickly
Rests in daddy’s arms.

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