An ode to crappy marketing

Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.
— Morihei Ueshiba

A friend asked me a while back if I ever got tired. I responded that most nights I fall asleep within ten minutes of putting my head on the pillow, so yes, I get tired. His probe went a bit further then. Did I get tired of working hard on things and not seeing change? I confirmed that I got frustrated and sad sometimes when I don’t see change. But I have a trick that generally keeps me going.

My method, crafted over years, can be yours, too, at no cost. This little known technique will have you active, energized, and ready in no time. There is no prescription necessary and any side-effects are actually pleasant.

Stay with me. At the end of this post I will reveal the secret to energy that keeps me going, even when I don’t see any chance of success.

Before I share this time-saving, energizing secret to a more success-filled life, let me tell you how I discovered the key building block of the process. It involves whiter teeth, a bigger smile, puppies, a PhD, a great marriage, pizza, and 10 cubic yards of topsoil.

28486526sUgPdpOviC_phOver the course of the past 30 years, I have had five root canals, four tooth extractions, and gum surgery. This was despite having done daily tooth care to a level of religiosity rarely found even among zealots. Can you imagine the frustration of that much work with so little pay off? Four dentists, lots of care, great hygiene, zero results. Then I applied a concept that I am going to share with you, a concept so powerful that it is rarely shared except at high cost. But to you? Free! You must read this post and apply some very simple principles for success.

For three decades, I knew I could not be trusted to have a dog. My first dog was hit by a car while I was walking him at age four. My second one “went to live with a farm family” when I was five, because I “didn’t take good enough care of him, so we gave him to someone who would.” Thirty years later someone jokingly used the “farm family” expression, indicating it was a euphemism used when a family pet dies. Some sleuthing revealed that Pepper had died on a scouting trip with my older brother; it had nothing to do with me or my care of the dog. Again, applying some simple techniques, I again found huge success — success beyond my wildest dreams. You can, too, by following the free system scalable to your own needs and found at the end of this post.

Ever feel at a loss about what to do you in your love life? You like your spouse, even love them, but they drive you right around the bend? The same was true for me. An early stumbling block for me and my late husband early in our relationship was his dislike of food in general. Turkey? No. Vegetables? No. Beef? Pork? Potatoes, mushrooms, pears? No, no, no, no, no! Paul ate pasta with red sauce as long as it had no onion. He ate pizza without onion, pepperoni, or Italian sausage. Chicken was generally okay as long as it was fried. Still, even in this tricky territory, applying the proven approach — here for you, part of a select group, absolutely free — turned the corner and pizza became a rare thing indeed because our daily meals became varied and interesting in no time at all.

Scan_20150420 (13)Finally, last spring, I overestimated the amount of topsoil I needed in my garden by a lot. I ordered 10 cubic yards of the rick, black stuff, but only used about half of it. I tried and tried to shift it, offering it to neighbors and friends. This went on for months! Weeds and grasses started to sprout on the mound on my driveway. I was actually spending more time weeding my top soil error than weeding my garden. Then, within seconds, that thing that had grown into my public driveway shame was over, transformed, resolved.

The secret of the topsoil, pizza, great marriage, PhD, puppies, smile, and whiter teeth? It is here for me, you, and everyone you know. It will add hours to your week and change our world. Here it is. Your reading this post will prove to have been among the best things you have done in quite a while!







In case you missed this important technique, let me repeat. Decide.

I didn’t like how my teeth were doing despite my rigorous care, so I decided to take my results into my own hands and got a new dentist, telling him what I wanted instead of asking him what I could do. I learned that my dog died and decided to get a new one three decades later because late is better than later still. That decision prompted me to buy a house so my puppy could run around outside. That house prompted me to get a second puppy, too. Those two dogs unleashed in me an awareness that I could do something else I believed was reserved for someone else, so I decided to earn my PhD. I knew that I would not like living with my wonderful husband nearly as much while having such a limited and boring range of food options. I decided that would not happen, so I taught him to cook and watched him expand his range and ours beyond all previous expectations, including living three years on a vegan diet. Finally, the topsoil in my driveway magically disappeared when I decided to post it as free on Craig’s list. In the process a met a wonderful young couple, a man and woman who could not afford the luxury of topsoil for the garden of their tiny new home. They even swept the driveway.

So, there it is. We can put an end to waiting and find a more energizing life by deciding. Pass it on.

Imagine what will be unleashed with all of this new energy.

When growing up, I saw segregation. I saw racial discrimination. I saw those signs that said white men, colored men. White women, colored women. White waiting. And I didn’t like it.
John Lewis

One thought on “An ode to crappy marketing

  1. This reminds me of when I moved to Minneapolis. I let my landlord know, and there were five months left on my lease. He said, “Well, we can find a renter, you’ll have to pay rent though until we find someone to take over your lease.” I knew what that meant!!!! “Six months of free rent…. Thanks.” So I took my own pictures of my apartment and put it on craigslist… Had it rented out before I actually moved from Milwaukee. I decided I was going to rent it! (Along with lots of other decisions I’ve made in my life to do my thing and be myself instead of what everyone else might wait to do.)


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