A year like no other.
So far out there.
Wonder if we’ll ever get back to normal.









It has been an amazing year, for sure. 

  • Emily, Mitchell, Erich, Zen, Laya, Jennifer, Jay, Liz, Erica, and Ira are all progressing in school. We met when they were undergrads, and they’ve stayed in touch.
  • Weston got his job.
  • Dexter.
  • Christopher and Keaton have stayed in touch, despite the distance and time between us.
  • Liz and Deb both got elected to office, one in Milwaukee County and the other in the State Legislature.
  • Kamala got elected to the highest office a woman has ever served in the US.
  • Two of my dear great nephews — Tim and Pete — have remained in close touch with me, moving from distant biological family to family of choice for us all.
  • The 2Gs keep an eye on my most days of the week, and they are not shy about sharing their disappointment that a virus keeps our holiday celebrations at bay.
  • Megan, Andrew, Liam, and Jensen shared snippets of their lives with me this year.
  • Anne Davis has charmed the community-minded owner and staff of The Bay into doing jazz on the patio.
  • Catie and Will were great sports about Casey and Rory getting up super early on Sundays.
  • The Bad Plus has figured out how to stream some jazz performances.
  • Paula’s take on the Democratic Convention and life.
  • Gregg and Julie before and after and during everything, leaving no room for doubt.
  • A great surgeon and an excellent physical therapist.
  • Shakita, David, Sumaiyah, Matt, Jim, Mike, Mark, and Steve coming together to do huge things in giant ways that impress me.
  • Jan walking and talking and walking and talking and walking and talking in all weather.
  • David, Julio, Ray, and Ted reminding me.
  • Linda’s steadiness.
  • YWCA Southeast Wisconsin successfully adopted a new program model that will roll out more fully in 2021.
  • After School Matters in Chicago turned on a dime to put thousands of tablets and broadband access into the hands of teens so that their out-of-school time could produce inspiring works of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and recreation.
  • Marcie Rendon gave a stirring commencement address at the December commencement for Adler University. She also received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters on December 6, 2020.
  • David Crowley was elected to serve as County Executive of Milwaukee in April; he was sworn in May 4, 2020. Leading the largest county in Wisconsin is a vast departure from his early start in Milwaukee where his family faced frequent evictions.
  • A group of remarkable men — Kurt, Jason, Patrick, Josh, and Jay — have watched out for me and my health.
  • William knows his Saba. He likes his trucks, too.
  • Levin.
  • A family on 60th street.
  • Ronnie, again and again and again that steady guy.
  • A pre-surgical back shave by Tim.
  • Josh sitting on the toilet while I showered to be sure I was safe.
  • Martha, Jason, Sheila, Joshua, Harriet, Marian, and Jna start my days every day.
  • Todd listens to my longing.
  • Ilya allows himself to love.
  • Leslie and the twins in a hard year.
  • The Beerline Trail.
  • Milwaukee County Parks.
  • The Queen’s Gambit.
  • Working on the most annoying real estate challenge ever.
  • Frank and cooking and philanthropy and health and relationships and work and friendships and games and movies.
  • Ballet in Milwaukee, Walnut Creek, and Seattle.
  • Gwen, Dvora, Mary, Sooja, Valerie, Sandra, Marian, Rachel, Yuko, Diane, Tim, and more whose love is boundless, practical, and real.

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